Bipolar's.. How do you feel?!

Question: Bipolar's.. How do you feel.?
Today I'm worrying about everything and I hate it! I felt low all weekend and I just wish I could have a high day now. How are you feeling.?Health Question & Answer

Im bipolar.
I felt awful this morning - like I just wanted to run away from everything. But when I got to school and chatted to my mates, I felt really good, Just a few moments of worry, nothing major. This evening I felt ok, just normal, but quite anxious. If you want to talk, you can email me! hope this helped. x x Health Question & Answer

Keh. So far, I've had a looooong string of low days. Depression, depression, depression. However, I'm hoping my high day's coming up tommorow. That's what keeps me going all the time: the low days don't go on forever. :)

To cheer myself up, I think of the people I love, and all the happy times I've had with them. Think happy! :)Health Question & Answer

Im not bipolar, but what i suffered from some would call a depression. And what kept me going is that every time i felt bad i would think about all the people who have it a lot worse then me. For instance, you might of been called a name today.. but there are children out there who have cancer and are about to die, and their whole family must be going through hell. Think about what you would care about on your death bed.. i get mad because im tired and dont want to clean my house, but really, on my death bed.. am i going to be thinking.. dang! i wish i had a cleaner house in life!.Health Question & Answer

i'm swinging from highs to lows lately. But, that's because i didn't take my meds for about 2 weeks. (Don't ask me why i quit taking them at first... i just decided not to one day... typical, right.?)

i feel sorta numb right now. but, i was crying all last week. i think i feel a manic state coming on. but, i did take my meds last night. so, maybe i can catch it before it gets bad.

Health Question & Answer

Atm I'm taking a mood stabilizer and and an anti-deppressant, and I just feel kind of well normal lol!
Havent really had any major ups or downs for a while now,
but what really annoys me is that when I get the littlest bit happy or hyper, someone I no starts askin are u ill.? Are u going mad again.?.?
Its enough to drive u mad!
So I feel like I sort of have to try and show little or no emotion to this person, especially when I AM happy it's like they don't mind when Im down!!
How stupid is that.?.?
I guess some people just find bipolar hard to understand!
Sorry if my answers turned into a bit of a question I'll have to think of my own Q, lol!!Health Question & Answer

I've been pretty manic for about a week now and im trying my best not to drive everyone around me crazy by either talking their ear off or by making my fiance come with me EVERYWHERE i want to go. also im trying my hardest not to spend all of my money! Health Question & Answer

I often feel like I want to run away also.

I've been on bipolar meds for 1 1/2 years. It helps, but my family (immediate) is not supportive. They destroy the house and I can't keep up with it. I think that causes me most of my stress.

DebbieHealth Question & Answer

I am not bi-polar but I feel fine. Any mental illness is caused by an imbalance of the right lobe of the brain and the left lobe. Find a technique tru your mind to how to balance the two together.
Email me for me details if you like. Health Question & Answer

I feel the same way. except those high days are few and far between,

I don't really worry about stufff, but i think of things that will go wrong alot esp before i go to bed, so I don't sleep a lot.

So your not alone.Health Question & Answer

Who feels to live in this troublesome world but we have to carry on the promise which we have made to god in the heavenHealth Question & Answer

Im ok

No Im not

Yeah i am

No im notHealth Question & Answer

I want a break from life.

I want to rest...

in peace. Health Question & Answer

feel ok even if i get the sack this week goes on Health Question & Answer

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