Is a sign of talkin to yaself, a sign of craziness?!

Question: Is a sign of talkin to yaself, a sign of craziness.?
Well it depends on what you mean when you say you are talking to yourself. If you are hearing voices in your head and are talking to them than I would advice you to go to your GP, as this may be a sign of Psychosis a Mental Health issue, realated to Schizophrenia and Manic Depression. But if you are just talking to yourself in general I wouldn't worry as I do it, I'm sat with a counsellor and she said everyone talks to themselves at times. So don't worry. i wish you good look with this and hope it has helped you.Health Question & Answer

not necessarily, it can be a sign of intense concentration. Everyone has seen something weird and unexpected and said "what the heck.?" even if no one is around. It's like the internal conversation gets verbalized.

You may be in trouble if you confuse internal voices with 'real' people, or the 'voices' tell you to do something, or if you start arguing with the voices. Or if you start answering yourself back, like there are two distinct personalities there, or you imagine someone there, then you may have a problem.

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sometimes, but certainly not always. busyness and a sense of anonymity seem to be adding to this phenomenon.Health Question & Answer

nah....i talk to myself all the time and most times i will even answer too!.....the bad part is when i call myself coworkers think im crazy but they dont know i hear them talking to themselves tooHealth Question & Answer

Not necessarily. I do it all the time. Just don't answer or argue with yourself and you should be fine......Health Question & Answer's a sign of skitsophrina.
If you think you might have it go to your doctor!Health Question & Answer

No, everyone does it. They are lying if they tell you different.Health Question & Answer

no, everyone does it to some extent.Health Question & Answer

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