I want to be admitted to a mental hospital.?!

Question: I want to be admitted to a mental hospital..?
I want to be admitted to a mental hospital because i have depression and i need a break. Since i can remember which is since i was about 9 i have liked pretending i was sick in some way. On my ninth birthday i hit my head on something and pretended to all of my friends that i had amnesia. But recently it has gotten to the point where i have been looking up what plants are toxic enough to make you need to be in hospital. I have had depression since i was about 8 but was only diagnosed 3 years ago. I'm 15. I have exams coming up and school will be finished it 3 weeks but i really feel like i need to be admitted. What should i do. Last time i told my mother this she talked me out of it saying that you don't want to be there and stuff, even though i really wanted to. I have a history of self harming should i just do that again and say to my mum i am going to do it again i need to go.? Please help. I need information on what to do really soon.Health Question & Answer

(((( Gloria )))))

You're just 15 and I really wish I could be there to sit and chat things over with you. I know there's a lot of things making you feel very unhappy which is why you keep harming yourself.

Perhaps the first question to ask is "what do you want to get out of being admitted to a psych unit.?" Is it attention.? Acknowledgement that you're really hurting.? Maybe you want someone to SEE you and take you seriously. I am not judging any of these things, merely asking you to clarify what it is you're looking for because until you do, nothing will be a solution for you.

Please speak to a school counsellor if nobody else. Your mother clearly doesn't take you seriously or perhaps she's concerned how others will view the family if they discover you've been admitted.

There is no stigma to being depressed or needing help to get through things. Please reach out and speak to someone - before you hurt yourself.

PepsHealth Question & Answer

"I want to be admitted to a mental hospital because i have depression and i need a break." same here, but that is not why one goes to a mental institution! you can't go to the mental institution for that stuff, you, like I, could use therapy, to have a professional see what may be wrong with you, if any thing between the two of us, from what you have provided, I would be farther up the line!Health Question & Answer

im in the exact same situation.
i have my year 10 exams and ive failed the whole year, so i really dont want to do my exams.
you dont want to go into a mental hospital,
you will not like it there,
ive been there,
and its horrible,
i was in there for about 2 weeks and the whole time i was there i wanted to get out,
plus the food tastes really bad:)
stay home,
its better
or just not go to school :) Health Question & Answer

i've felt like you do now and have been admitted myself for the same reasons. it's not easy! tell your parents how you feel if they don't take you seriously have a friend take you to the hospital to get the help you need. i was in hospital for 2 weeks one time and it was a much needed break for me but it has made me stronger as a result.
hope you feel better soon...
take care...
good luck!Health Question & Answer

You don't go to a psych ward for a "break"... are you serious.?
Start by seeing a therapist. They are the professionals and they are the people who can admit you to a ward if deemed necessary. Health Question & Answer

you should walk in to the hospital itself. tell them your story. tell them that you really need help right now. good luck man. i hope you get help soon and feel betterHealth Question & Answer

if youve been admitted before, go back and try to ask for voluntary inpatient treatmentHealth Question & Answer

go to school and tell the counselor your problems he or she will help youHealth Question & Answer

Don't try to manipulate your mother by threatening to self-harm. If you truly want some help, you are going to have to be honest with yourself, and your mother. Anyway, it is a doctor who will decide if you need to be hospitalized - not you, not your mother. These days the hospital psych wards are really crowded, and unless you are a serious threat to yourself or others, it is unlikely you will be admitted as an in-patient; more than likely referred to outpatient services. If you go to an emergency room, a psychiatrist will usually evaluate you and make a recommendation, but it doesn't sound like you are in a severe crisis, and you know you need help. A mental hospital is no vacation, but I hope you do get the help you need, just want to stress again that it is a DOCTOR who will make the decision on whether or not you need to be admitted into a facility, not you or your mom.Health Question & Answer

Talk with your mom and let her know your feelings. Explain to her that you really need help now. Hopefully she will understand and take you to the hospital so you can get the mental health help that you need.Health Question & Answer

Somewhere deep, deep down inside you are really hurting, and I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in your past someone has done something to you that you found very traumatic. You mind has blocked it out completely, this is why you can not remember anything before the age of nine.

A mental hospital is not the place for you because you are not mentally sick. If you go into one you will certainly become mentally sick, you will be given drugs, doped up, and the people who are drawn to work in these places are usually mentally sick themselves in one area or another.
They may appear to be sane but they have problems too, they just hide them better. We are drawn to what we are familiar or comfortable with.

Depression is joy turned inside out. All the joy has gone out of your life and you need to find a way to get it back again.

When you are self harming, what you are doing is drawing the pain to the surface. What you really have to do is go deep into yourself and try and remember what it was that traumatised you, maybe physical abuse, or mental abuse or someone continually yelling at you, or whatever it was that was so bad, your mind blanked it out. The pain remains though, until we release it.

You choose to self harm. You are also choosing to draw attention to yourself, because you are craving love and attention, and by pretending to be sick or acting out a sickness fantasy, you feel that this will give you the attention and love that you crave deep inside you. Your mother has not appeared to have the understanding of your problem that she should and so you emotionally blackmail her by saying you are mentally sick and doing things that you feel the mentally sick do.

I would make a guess that the only time you felt some comfort and love before the age of nine was when you were actually sick, or had an accident as children do. Your subconscious has picked up on this and this is why you continually try and draw attention to your mental state.

You are NOT mentally ill, you need help, but there is little in the way of professional help that are trained or understand the compartmentalisation of the mind. The only answers psychiatrists and doctors come up with are drugs, and that is not going to do you any good, they will make you ill in the end, and could eventually warp your mind. KEEP AWAY FROM DOCTORS, PSYCHIATRISTS and their mind bending poisonous drugs.

You need to get some decent food into you, such as natural and organic chemical free foods. You need a good nutritionist, one that knows about natural, organic spray free foods. You need love, heaps of it.
Have you tried drawing or painting. Many people like you begin to draw, and it doesn't matter what you draw, it is actually physically 'drawing out your pain". You might find yourself drawing really weird stuff, but that is good, it means it is coming out.

I wish you luck and much love, because there are people who will give you the love you crave, but certainly not in a mental hospital. The worst place anyone can enter.

Life is wonderful and you just haven't given yourself the chance to find the wonderful things in life that will bring you joy. The simple things like watching kittens an puppies at play and a million other small things that bring so much joy. Even helping someone less fortunate than you, and there are plenty, believe me, can bring a joy to your heart. You are young yet and suicide is not the answer, you will just be sent back to do it all again.

Councillors just stuff peoples minds up and again drugs are their only answers. You have found out already that the tablets they give you are only a band aid over the REAL problem. These so called experts klnow nothing, only what they are taught by others who know nothing.

You are only 15 and can you imagine that when you are through this and out the other side, how many others like you you can help, because YOU HAVE BEEN THERE. You can only understand something when you have actually been there. These councillors have not been there so how can they understand, they are lying when they say they do.

You are going through this for a reason, and if you quit now, you are defeated, and the best way out is THROUGH. Go through your pain, and let it happen.

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