I'm feeling depressed...any ideas to cheer me up?!

Question: I'm feeling depressed...any ideas to cheer me up.?
OK, I know it's probably mostly my teenage hormones and the fact that the weather in London just seems to get worse, but I'm feeling really down in the dumps today...I'm bored too...
Any jokes to cheer me up, or funny stories, etc.
Thanks a lot *Hugz* from Helena =DHealth Question & Answer

Just think, you are , what.? Fourteen, OMG I wish I was 14 again, in fact I'd settle for 44 LOLOL

Being 14 is the most wonderful thing you can be. enjoy it. xxHealth Question & Answer

Let's see . . . I can cheer you up! First of all, you're in London, which has got to be one of the coolest places of freakin' Earth, while I'm stuck here in Cleveland, OH, which, frankly, sucks ***.

Second, you're a teenager! I didn't believe it when I was that age, but you have your whole life ahead of you. You have time to pick out a good college and become independent. I wish I was a teenager again . . . then it wouldn't seem so bad that I'm still living at home and not married.

So, basically, you could be me or you could be you, all teenagery and living in one of the best cities in the world. And you're probably really cute and have a bunch of guys hanging on your every word.

Now you need to cheer me up. LOLHealth Question & Answer

ok this one time i filled shaving in a large brown envelope till it was lik half way full.we put the empty half under someones front door. then we nocked on it lol and the guy opened it and shaving creaam went all over his carpet it as great accept for the fact that we had to run from a few german shepards :D

i hope i cheered u helena

sorry i have a frend called helen to used to saying/typing helenHealth Question & Answer

Uuuh, I know how you feel!

Just try to remember:

Even though its raining now, one day the sun will shine! I promise!
When it does, you'll feel better, and knowing you'll feel better soon, will make you make you feel better now! YAY!
Did you understand that.? Probably not, try to smile anyway.

Hope I helped! :D

(weird fact: biting a pen actually makes you happy. It makes your face smile which cheers your brain up! Its ACTUALLY true. ask any boffin!) Health Question & Answer

Ah! I have something from today to share. I live in America and I'm 13 and in my town I'm in 8th grade so this 9th grade couple is slobbering (well, they like... kissed!) in the hallway and I was thinking "...." so I started this thing I made up today called "the angst call" and mainly you stare at the back of the person's head (the girl's, i was going the same way as her) and thought "angst. angst. angst. angst." and then "angst to your friend! and that friend! and that friend!" but then i ran out of people when we went separate ways, and i had to go all angsty to the janitor. D: (he knew someone was staring at him, but i don't think he knew that i was sending angsty waves at him.)
in all, public displays of affection=NO. XDHealth Question & Answer

Listen to the song "If I only owned a midget" by Benefit ^^ it rly makes me happy, or watch South Park, if you like that, or watch some other show you find funny =] I'm feeling rly depressed today too, but I'm trying to stay positive ^^Health Question & Answer

Okay so this guy walked into a bar and said "Ouch"
Get it.? I know it was really cheesy.
Uhhhh...Why did Tigger stick his head down the toilet.?
He was looking for pooh...
Uhhh... nock nock...o right you aren't there to say the next part...
Well it was me anyway...
I was up till 1:30 last night chocking my brains out so I am not in a very good mood myself and can't think of many better ones. Sorry.
Hope the weather gets better and you cheer up.Health Question & Answer

When I'm feeling a bit down I find its best not to sit at the computer but to get up and do something, I know if the wethers not the best you can't go anywhere but go and watch a movie that you like or call a friend :)Health Question & Answer

sleepaway camp.? i swear that was an old school horror film.?

Dont worry at least you didn't walk out of your 4th job today :D and dont have another job and are pregnant and need money and boyfriend royally pissed and according to your nan you have ruined your mothers life/.?Health Question & Answer

Read my favorite book. It is called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I have read it 11 times. it is a series. you can find the rest after you read the first one. I hope you enjoy it.
kendleHealth Question & Answer

yes know what you can do, go to youtube.com and type in llama song and listen to it, its greatHealth Question & Answer

You seem more bored then depressed if you want attention, go to a chat room, and yeah its because your a teenager, find me one teenager that doesn't say the same thing. Health Question & Answer

Listen to a sad song...it will be more sad then u feel and actually take ur depression away.Health Question & Answer

Do you want to know a weird fact that I found out today.?.?.?.?

This will make you go eeeuuuggghhhhh, aggghhhhhh, hahahahah

- One in four people have excrement on their hands at any given timeHealth Question & Answer

I told you before dont use the London buses, they are other alternatives the subway is greatHealth Question & Answer

GOSH im feeling the same!!!
but think positive :P
and im a teenager too its probably all da college work
hang round with your mates yes MEET UP
it really helps Health Question & Answer

Watch the Sleepaway Camp movies,esp the sequels,great comedies and always cheer me upHealth Question & Answer

The sun always helps. Take a walk or catch a funny flick at the theatre.Health Question & Answer

well the lonly hunter went to the city .. found a wife.. tolde her he loved bear huge ..she whent and bought him one

it was a real bearHealth Question & Answer

I feel better when I get the really old family photos out. Great memories and some bad fashion mistakes! Health Question & Answer

If you're in a no-sugar diet..
Black Chocolate helps...
^.^Health Question & Answer

whats the difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer.?

the taste!!Health Question & Answer

Did you hear about the fat, alcoholic, transvestite.? He wanted to eat, drink and be Mary.Health Question & Answer

Good funny movie should do the trick!

Health Question & Answer

Try not to watch Soap operas.Health Question & Answer

eat chocolate :)
and watch a funny movie!


It always helps me :)

xxxxxxxHealth Question & Answer

Play musicHealth Question & Answer

Chocolate always helps!

But.. did you know panda poop is green.?

Aha! Cheer up kiddo.Health Question & Answer

I'm handsomeHealth Question & Answer

Go watch a good movie, hang out with friends
or blare your favorite music and dance.

fun fun hahahaHealth Question & Answer

http://www.ahajokes.com/Health Question & Answer

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