What do you do to keep your spirits up?!

Question: What do you do to keep your spirits up.?
I admit these days I am a glass half-empty person, but is there something you do to (not drinking or drugs please) to lift your spirits.?Health Question & Answer

turn up the music and dance like crazy Health Question & Answer

Honestly, I have been through a lot in my life, and the only thing that has gotten me through it was a positive attitude about things. You just need to find a way to mentally make yourself happy, that's good that's your seeking something that's not drugs or drinking! Do things out of the ordinary for yourself, like go and get a manicure! Give yourself little treats here and there, so you can have something fun to look forward to! Like my husband and I, we hardly ever go out to eat cause its just to expensive and fattening! But when we do, it becomes more than eating out, its something special him and I both look forward to! It doesn't become dull! Try finding fun stuff like that to do!Health Question & Answer

My college professor would always correct me when I used the term spirits.He would say you only have one spirit. LOL anyway, this is a tough question because to each his or her own.I usually take one day at a time.Just waking up healthy is # 1 there are so many less fortunate people that wake up every morning with a horrible day in front of them.Set some goals and work hard at achieving them and each time you do your spirit will be lifted.Health Question & Answer

Listen to certain songs. Let It Be by the Beatles is a great song when you are feeling down, but there are thousands out there. I hope things turn around for you soon. I know they will eventually.Health Question & Answer

I take a nice hot bath,and soak for a while.Then I find me a funny movie or a good book,and some time take a nice walk.It works for me.Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Music for sure, they will always be a certain song that will match any of your current situations.... and listening to that usually helps me get out of any gloom...Health Question & Answer

Buy something pretty. Shopping = instant gratification- even if it's something small. And coffee. Health Question & Answer

I use Youtube assisted meditation videos and exercise. The first thing calms me and the second, invigorates. Health Question & Answer

Volunteer :o) I always find that my spirit is helped tremendously when I give of myself to others.Health Question & Answer

hello miss beautiful greta it is nice to ask you and find your self on empty room deep in your heart- than ask your self and says the true spirit is give something to some....! Health Question & Answer

I dont...being happy all the time isnt normal.Health Question & Answer

Listen to music, have a good heart to heart with a friend. These things always help me!Health Question & Answer

i play football... do something you enjoy that is physical Health Question & Answer

I just gaze at the stars in a stary night watch there movements or i sit on Yahoo! AnswersHealth Question & Answer

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