Am I right to be hurt? emotional question?!

Question: Am I right to be hurt.? emotional question.?
Ok. So I told my dad that I didn't want any sweets in the house. Well I asked. Cuz I don't wanna get fat
He seemed like he understood
Then I come home after my run and he's making ******* brownies.
I feel like he totally either ignored me. Or he wants to keep those foods so I don't lose weight
Which my dietitian told me I CAN lose weight
But I didn't tell my parents that cuz I don't want them freaking out about that.
Cuz im not what others consider fat.
In my standards I am. But to others I am healthy looking.

Am I right to be hurt about this.? Or am I over-reacting.?

Im recovering from anorexia and bulimia.Health Question & Answer

He doesn't understand, Cassie. Tell him you really can't have this stuff in the house right now. Someday your lives will be normal. But right now no brownies, no cookies, no nothing. He can keep them at the office if he really has to have them.

ADD: Don't let any of these other people make you feel worse about yourself, OK.? What if you were in treatment for alcoholism and your parents had booze in the house.? If perfume gave you migraines and your dad still wore cologne, they'd all be singing a different tune wouldn't they !Health Question & Answer

Honestly, I think you don't need to try to lose weight. He's probably of the same opinion, and therefore is taking what he feels is necessary action to prevent you getting anorexic/bulimic again.

Maybe you can try compromising with him, like "I won't eat sweets but I will eat other healthier things instead". Health Question & Answer

test of your strength, you can do it.
keep pushing and you will do fine.
not over reacting, but your parents need to eat too, maybe your father was hungry, or he just thought of you nicely.
just try and be nice to him.

hope you get over anorexia and bulemia.
have faith, and good luck.Health Question & Answer

No. Your parents have a right to eat too! See this as a test of strength! If you can stay away from those (yucky) brownies you are gaining power and losing weight! Be strong! You can do it if you think positive!Health Question & Answer

Emotional hurt is a CHOICE, not a 'right'. Who says you have to eat them.?.?Health Question & Answer

Well, firstly, I don't think you have the right to tell you dad not to have any sweets in the house, because, while you may want to loose weight, maybe he doesn't so why does he have to sacrifice his own sweet tooth. It sounds like you would need to be more disciplined or move out.
But, more importantly, it sounds like your Dad really loves and cares for you and in his own non confrontational way he wants to make sure you're recovering and not reverting to your old ways.
It sounds like a really frustrating position to be in when after a run there are fresh baked brownies on the counter and the house smells of warm sugar and chocolate... when you think that this is coming from a place of love its much easier to digest the frustration and maybe you won't be so mad at your Dad... and maybe in the future you'll even laugh about it.Health Question & Answer

if your recovering from eating disorders than you probably still view yourself in a way that needs to lose weight. Your dietitian may have told you otherwise, but you definitely don't need to be worrying about you weight.

Your dad was passively defying your request because he is worried about you.

My suggestion:
If you run more than a mile a day, then lessen it or stop running all together for a while.

Eat a lot of protein and healthy food. You were right about not wanting sweets, but you were wrong in one sense. You should not want sweets so you can be healthier, not skinnier.

Talk to your father about why he did this. I'm pretty sure that he did it because he didn't want you worrying about your weight.Health Question & Answer

Well question.....did he try to get you to eat them.?

Unless he was going out of his way to stock exessive sweets to try to tempt you or was trying to get you to eat them even though he knows you dont want to, i would say you are over reacting.

Just because you dont want to eat sweets, doesnt mean he isnt allowed to. Just cause he wanted something sweet doesnt mean he is not being understanding. You said it seemed like he guessing other then the brownies he hasnt been keeping a lot of sweets around......that IS being understanding.

And you said THE house, not YOUR im guessing you are not living on your own and him just you shouldnt be mad at him for choosing to make HIMSELF something that HE wanted to eat in HIS home just cause you dont want to. Would be like being mad at a friend for having cake and icecream at thier birthday party even though they know you wouldnt want any.Health Question & Answer

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