Why does depression cause physical pain? is it bad and is it treatable?!

Question: Why does depression cause physical pain.? is it bad and is it treatable.?
My meds have taken over most of the emotional effects of my depressive states, but not the physical. How does it cause pain.? i feel so achy all the time, and i cant take too many pain pills because they interact with my medications. How is this pain treated.? is there another prescription you can get.? is it serious to have this pain, like can it cause other problems/Health Question & Answer

Depression can magnify the pain of other things.
It doesn't cause new pain, just makes other pains feel worse, maybe some that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

Anything for treating pain should work for that symptom of depression. Or just find something that works for your depression better.Health Question & Answer

Really I never knew that. I thought it resulted in a person feeling like they have no energy,sleeping all the time, not wanting to do anything ,not being rational= assuming life is not worth living.

never have I thought it caused physical pain

Is it bad.? Could it be worse.? Sure. How about having MANY mental heath problems.

Is it treatable.? Definatley! Medication will do the job. Though there are many things that will help. Eating healthy food (vegetables and fruits and their proper form!). Exercising to boost your confidence and it will also make feel hungry.Health Question & Answer

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