Anybody know how to get rid of dreams?!

Question: Anybody know how to get rid of dreams.?
I have been having bad dreams every night for a week now. Each one recounts how my friend died and everytime I wake up and can't get back to sleep again. Now I dread going to sleep. Anybody know how to help stop them from happening before I go insane from lack of sleep.?Health Question & Answer

Well i used to get dreams when i was younger and as i got older i sort of stop having dreams i think it something to do with how you are feeling before you go to bed if you are sad you have bad dreams and if you are happy you have weird dreams and if you aren't really anything you don't have dreamsHealth Question & Answer

Nighmares are common in people who have experienced a traumatic event, it's the bodies way of trying to deal/cope with it.

You can try some positive thinking techniques before going to bed, or while lying in bed to set you in a good mood before dreaming.

If that doesn't help, you might find it helpful to speak with a counselor. Often getting your emotions out in the open and speaking with someone about them can help a great deal.

Best of luck.Health Question & Answer

also you might try taking sleeping pills. It might sound weird but that worked for me... I was having some pretty bad nightmares and was afraid to go to bed. And I mean real bad nightmares.

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Tried this, it worked. Ordered only the free trial since I didn't need any more of it...Health Question & Answer

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