I ran out of my lexapro, I'm worried.?!

Question: I ran out of my lexapro, I'm worried..?
I ran out of my lexapro yesterday. I'm getting more but it will take a couple of days. So far I think I'm ok but I'm worried I will withdrawal. I also have xanax, will this help me get through the next couple of days.?Health Question & Answer

It depends on the amount of milligrams you were taking. I have seen withdrawal from 10mg and over. It is like having a bad case of the flu. The xanax won't keep you from having withdrawal physically but it might help mentally, I don't recommend using the xanax for this though.

Try calling your doctor and seeing if he has any samples that you could get until your presciption comes through.Health Question & Answer

It happened to me with Effexor. I am on the highest dose and I missed 3 days. It was quite scary. I take a long-acting tranquillizer clonazapem and serequeol to keep me stable. On the third day I couldn't speak properly, was confused, crying and had flashes of light. Keep in mind I have been on it for many years at a very high dose and I was at my wits end at the time. Call your pharmacist and ask them what to expect, maybe they can spring you a few pills until you get it. Why can't your doctor phone it in.? Xanax will help, but take the dose at the proper intervals.Health Question & Answer

sounds like you're already in withdrawals. be very careful with the xanax it can be habit forming. when in withdrawals , it does feel like the flu but, it gets much worse. usually followed by a bad case of diarrhea. headaches and just feeling like you're going to die.Health Question & Answer

Your regular doctor can write a prescription for Lexapro - to hold you over a couple days. You don't need to go through the withdrawals - those are not pleasant!

Best of Luck :-)
Paul.Health Question & Answer

Please consult the doctor.He will definitely help you.My dear..Health Question & Answer

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