Is cutting a mental disorder?!

Question: Is cutting a mental disorder.?
If it is, what is the name of it.?Health Question & Answer

no its not a disorder by its self but linked to other ones. If you need someone to talk to i have been a harmer for many years Health Question & Answer

I dont consider cutting to be a form of mental disorder
the only catergory it falls under is "self harm"
people who tend to cut themselves are usually as a form of coping, or addiction from the adrenalin rush cutting yourself gives you.
Tom..xHealth Question & Answer

It's not so much a disorder in and of itself, but a distinctive symptom that implies severe psychological issues. It's associated with many disorders in the anxiety and depression spectrums, as well as bipolar and borderline personality disorder.Health Question & Answer

Cutting may be caused by a variety of illnesses. I know a girl who was a cutter. She is bipolar. For some reason they can handle the cutting better than the emotional pain. Cutting puts THEM in control of the situation whereas they cannot control their bipolar.Health Question & Answer

self harm is a symptom, not a diagnosis. like mult personalities, repressed memories and other issues, the cutting is an unhealthy coping tool you have personally developed to deal with something.Health Question & Answer

It is classed as a sort of disorder but it is more related to others than to a group in its own right.

See the link posted below for more information.

Hope it helps!Health Question & Answer

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