Do you think you could have sphyco tendencies if you have really morbid dreams (Warning: TMI very graphic)?!

Question: Do you think you could have sphyco tendencies if you have really morbid dreams (Warning: TMI very graphic).?
I'm talking dreams that are very graphic and sick, like ones you wouldn't even see in a horror movie or ones that most people don't get.
Like most people will have nightmares about T-Rex chasing them or something but what if a 3 year old has dreams of red demands grabbing her from under bed, and tring to rape her. Or when she grows up she has dreams about a bunch of babies being slaughtered and the town is flooded in their blood and body parts. Do you think they would have something wrong with them.?Health Question & Answer

dreams are nothing to be worried about. This may be because of stress or (worst case scinero), an underlying mental problem. And dont listen to the other critical duchebags. Maybe thinking about these dreams all the time makes them seem more horrible. Advice: read something pleasent before bed, or think about something plesent for 10-20 min before sleeping. if these dont work, tough it out for a bit but if all else fails talk to a phyciatrist.Health Question & Answer

Yes - the person who has those thoughts should be hospitalized ASAP.Health Question & Answer

Could be stress.
Could be something you ate.
Perhaps your'e guilty about something.
I'm not sure :)Health Question & Answer

sounds like something that would lead to suicide.... could be some sort of possesionHealth Question & Answer

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