Prozac, how do I get off of Prozac?!

Question: Prozac, how do I get off of Prozac.?
Should I quit taking Prozac. It has been three years since my Dad passed away, my life seems to be setting down to 'normal'.Health Question & Answer

Whatever you do don't quit taking them on your own I took meds for about 5 years on and off and I stopped taking it on my own and I winded up with really bad withdraws a month later. It feels horrible to have withdraws so talk to your doc and they can help ween you off of it. Good Luck, Congrats on feeling better I know it was probably a tough ride to get to this point. Health Question & Answer

With your doctors help! Please, I cannot stress that enough. Prozac is not an easy drug to get off of without side effects. Let your doctor know *before* you do anything. You have to follow what they say and make sure to tell them any side effects that go on. Schedule an appointment a week or two after you both decide what plan to take to get off of it- especially if your doctor is busy. I know what it is like, and you want to be safe, so do whatever you can to make this easy on yourself.
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if you feel you are ready to come off of it..start easing off of it. start out by only taking it several times a week..and then eventually don't take it at all. whatever you do, don't stop cold turkey b/c it might give you a chemical imbalance and you'll be back to your depressed state. i'm really sorry about your are strong. you've proved to yourself that you don't have to take the meds anymore. maybe talk to your dr. about stopping the meds. Health Question & Answer

To get the Prozac you must have a psy (doctor).?

You have to back off slowly, in some cases it can result in seizures if you stop cold-turkey.

Please be advised by your physician. We will pray for you, be strong and all will be fine.Health Question & Answer

Wean off slowly: see the first 3 pages of section 2, on depression, at http// for a good method.Health Question & Answer

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