She is a cutter tried to kill herself alcoholic.?!

Question: She is a cutter tried to kill herself alcoholic..?
my friend is a cutter has alcohol problems popped pills and makes herself throw up / not eat and attempted suicide twice.
i was wondering is this because of her childhood and her current life.
cause im sure my friend is crazy im just wondering
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I think you should talk to her
get her help

that's honestly all you can do when someone has put them selves in to a hole that big.

I'm sorry, but it's true.

Good luck,.
i'll pray for her.
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Probably both, definitely is a chemical imbalance. She needs to be talking to a professional and on some medicine, ask her to get help.Health Question & Answer

Could be because of past trauma, could be many other things.

She need to be under medical care.

If she threatens suicide, call 911. You'll be doing the right thing by getting her some help.Health Question & Answer

Her parents probably failed to teach her how to live. Maybe they don't know either.Health Question & Answer

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