Is it possible to get Insomnia because of depression?!

Question: Is it possible to get Insomnia because of depression.?
is it possible to get insomnia over depresstion cause latly i have been going to bed at around 4:30 a.m. sometimes 5 a.m. .?Health Question & Answer

same as me, i have yet to go to sleep. sleep problems are a common cause of depression so yes you can get insomnia because of depression. may advice as i am doing this myself is to go to a sleep clinic and get evualted and get meds to help you sleep at night. or get a career with a night sift!Health Question & Answer

Depression can cause sleep disturbances ranging from insomnia or disturbing dreams to too much sleep time. Several factors are involved in disturbed sleep, including increased levels of anxiety and arousal, abnormalities in circadian rhythm (some of which may affect by drugs used in treating mood disorders), and the fact that the brain and neuronchemical systems involved in mood regulation. Both sleep disturbance and fatigue of a depressive illness. Sleep studies on patients with depression show problems with sleep continuity, decreased slow wave sleep, and abnormalities in REM sleep, among other findings.

If a major depression is present, you need to see a doctor or psychiatrist. There are many different and effective medications for treating depression. Not all people will respond to the same medication and you might have to trial different medication to find the ideal on. Most drugs for depression work by altering the brain

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