What is a fatal doseage of klonopin with alcohol? ?!

Question: What is a fatal doseage of klonopin with alcohol.? .?
i fear my cousin may try to kill himself, and this is how he threatens to do it. what is a fatal dosage of this with alcohol.? id like to know so i can limit how many meds he has access to at any given time as he lives with me.Health Question & Answer

He can definitely overdose from very less than 30 - I speak from experience. I was depressed and overdosed by mistake by drinking with klonopin. I overdosed again on purpose with just drinking beer and taking about 6 of them. Both times I was rushed to the hospital and had to have my stomach pumped and was 4 pointed to a hospital bed until they found a safe facility for me. It is not a pretty site or experience. It also causes liver and kidney damage. Get him help immediately, do not let him drink at all and definitely take away the klonopin and any other drugs. Health Question & Answer

You can call any hospital and ask this question. I do know that alcohol should only be in moderation and with klonopin, they advise that you don't drink. My doctor says it's ok to have a few, but it will enhance the drug.

I am on klonopin myself for anxiety/panic disorder, but I do not ever drink now. I would also suggest you contact his doctor and express your concerns.Health Question & Answer

Wow, this is a hard situation for you.

I think that the dosage varies from person to person due to factors like weight, sensitivity to alcohol, etc.

But yes, if you can, keep his pills hidden from him and only give him what the prescription says.Health Question & Answer

ya ought to call his family,call local pd,someone in juvy, or a teacher,it'l take steam,he may treat you like a traitor,but you might be the only one in his life who cares enough to try to save itHealth Question & Answer

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