If i pass a home drug test, will i still fail a lab test?!

Question: If i pass a home drug test, will i still fail a lab test.?
Urine tests!!Health Question & Answer

Absolutely it is possible.
Home drug tests search for different indicators in the specimen than laboratory tests. You will find that in the labs they will run a series of refined tests to get an absolute result. also they use specialised equipment which lessens the false readings, eg, it is easier to pass a home urine test when the urine is dilute (you've been drinking heaps of water), but this will not really be a problem for the laboratory testing equipment as it is more sensitive to the indicators.Health Question & Answer

It's possible.
Lab tests are a lot more advanced than home tests.
But it also depends on the drug you are or are not using.
Most drug tests for jobs don't test for THC because it's harder to find in the system then say cocaine.
But if they're testing you specifically for that drug, you don't have much of a chance if you had in fact used it.
Even if you tried a diluent to try and flush your system. They can always tell if it's diluted.Health Question & Answer

If you absolutely KNOW you've got a drug test coming up, why oh why would you partake in any.?

I don't know a lot about home tests, but I do know about some home remedies! Cranberry juice is great for filtering! Drink a lot of it, and it will help get some of that stuff out of the bloodstream. If not Cranberry, then simply plenty of water is a good alternative too. It kicks your urinary system into gear and gets it all out. These methods aren't 100% by any means, and have no backing other than personal experience mind you. This is more effective for lesser drugs like pot, but harder drugs are more difficult to get clean from (in more ways than one)

Good luck on your test!Health Question & Answer

Probably not, the home drug test really isn't as effective and advanced as lab tests.

I would not rely on a home test at all.Health Question & Answer

It's definitely possible. Your at-home test may not be as sensitive as the lab test.Health Question & Answer

Depends on the quality of the home drug test and the lab test, I would assume.Health Question & Answer

Yes you will.Health Question & Answer

Depends on how good the home test itHealth Question & Answer

Highly doubt it. Home drug tests are pretty accurateHealth Question & Answer

Weed takes about a month to get out of your system.

So if you smoked it a week ago and passed a home test, then you're still going to fail the lab test.

Wait a few more weeks before getting a lab test!
And good for you for not being a pothead, that's not the best way to go. I'm okay with doing a little weed every now and then, but don't do it every day. It'll screw up your head.

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

how about you try not doing drugs in the first place.?...Health Question & Answer

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