Why would I sleep for 15 hours if I am not sick or depressed?!

Question: Why would I sleep for 15 hours if I am not sick or depressed.?
Last night, I went to bed and fell asleep around midnight. I did not set an alarm since today is Saturday and I had nothing planned.

Well, I woke up and looked at the clock, and it was after 3 pm! I was shocked.. and kind of sad that I slept a pretty good part of the day away. :(

Is this normal.? Does anybody else every sleep that long.?Health Question & Answer

oh man i used to sleep like that all the time. its normal lol. word to the wise though, dont stay in that habit. but sometimes when you don't get enough sleep, you'll sleep longer next time with no alarm.Health Question & Answer

yes, you must have been a bit sleep deprived over the week, now your body caught upHealth Question & Answer

You were tired.?Health Question & Answer

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