The degree of harm a drug can cause?!

Question: The degree of harm a drug can cause.?
discuss how gender , size, and build and previous drug taking can impact upon the degree of harm a drug can cause an individual.Health Question & Answer

Wow. Hopefully you didn't get this as a question from a teacher. If so, let them know you could write a thousand page inquiry into what they want you to figure out, and you'd still have pages to go.

I would say these factors are completely irrelevant when it comes to taking drugs (illicit, mind you). The easiest I would narrow down to are underlying medical problems that a user does not know/does know exists, and; their tolerance, or, history of their drug taking.

Any underlying medical problems one may not know about could kill a person the first time they try a drug. For instance, if you have a heart murmur, naturally high blood pressure, or COPD, a one time meeting with a stimulant (cocaine, meth, speed, ecstasy) could end your life and/or exacerbate these problems 10 fold. Why.? Stimulants are notoriously hard on the circulatory/cardio and nervous systems in the body.

Secondly, I would say the history of an individual's drug taking, whether they be male or female, plays a very vital part in harm and harm reduction. Tolerance to any drug can be built very quickly, and that means more of the substance is needed to produce the same effects it had with less of the substance before. However, many users simply chase the dragon, as in they'll never feel as good as they did the first time ever again. They may stop for awhile, and then pick back up and think they can go directly to what they had been using before with all of their tolerance built up. Wrong. Tolerance depletes as quick as it builds, and a user falling into this mistake may end up killing themselves.

Like I said, if you want to argue women take less drinks to become intoxicated then men and other stupid, quirky little facts that are completely irrelevant to a drug user, than you have another 999 pages to go.

This is my opinion, but it's been derived through a lot of experience and factual literature brought to my attention. Such an encompassing question with so many variables makes it a futile one.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Recovering alcoholic and addictHealth Question & Answer

Gender - women are smaller
Size - uh, see gender
Build - see size
Previous Drug Use - some drugs stay in fat and can be released much later on

Now, let's discuss doing your own homework.Health Question & Answer

Discuss.? Did you just command us to discuss.?

Forget this.Health Question & Answer

im not telling no oneHealth Question & Answer

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