Is chewing your pencils a bad thing?!

Question: Is chewing your pencils a bad thing.?
i have a supe rbad habit of chewing my pencils can it be harmful or any thing because people always tell me that im eating lead but i dont think thats true is it.?Health Question & Answer

Yes you are eating lead. You might just be chewing on it but it's very likely that tiny pieces such as the paint on pencils will go into your mouth which is dangerous and harmful to your health. Plus it causes your pencil to be unsanitary which will attract more germs; another harmful thing.Health Question & Answer

Yes, chewing your pencils are a bad thing. In fact, you are indeed eating lead. Some advisable suggestions would be you stop unless you want to .. LEMME SEE HOW 2 PUT THIS .. get really sick or the next extension : DEATHHealth Question & Answer

trussmee I know ..Health Question & Answer

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