Wired Smell after being sick.?!

Question: I just got over a cold , but for some reason All my food and drinks taste weird to me. almost like they are spoiled . its like they smells bad. if i hold my nose , they taste fine . Is there a pill or something that will clear my nose of the bad stuff ?

Food is related to sense. When you had the cold, your taste buds are rearranged. The nasal congestion causes the buds on your tongue to move and continual themselves. That's why things tasted different to you. As your cold JUST ended, they haven't replaced themselves yet. (Your taste buds ) Just wait a week or so and see if patience helps. My advice, just make sure you check the expiration dates on your food and continue eating a balanced diet.
sounds to me that you have a bad sinus infection.
I once had a cold, and normally tobacco smells pretty bad. during and after this cold, tobacco smelt REALLY awful. For me, it means I have chest phlegm. it goes away after a bit. I wouldn't take any more pills... make sure your food is ok, and not rotting ;)

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