Will you know if your appendix raptures? or will it go unnoticed until examinated my a doctor?!


Oh you will know before that happens the pain is really bad. If you think that its your appendix you need to see a doctor.
You will know something terrible is wrong. You'll probably become unconscious from being so sick and the pain. You will only have a short time to get to the hospital and into surgery before you die. Hopefully, you will find out if you have appendicitis before it ever ruptures.
Its called peritonitis and yes you will know. Oh yes, you will know.

All those lovely digestive juices pouring in to your abdominal cavity. I dont suppose youve been kicked by a mule but Im sure you can imagine.
the pain will be so bad you will rush to the hospital
Please see a doctor. You don't want anything to get into your peritoneal cavity.

Peritoneum: The serous membrane that lines the walls of the abdominal cavity and folds inward to enclose the viscera.

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You will probably not notice it. Usually, before the appendix ruptures, it has to get appendicitis. Appendicitis usually presents with a dull/aching epigastric pain (solar plexus area) that in time will slowing move to the right lower quadrant of your abdomen. This is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and anorexia. As the pain moves down, it also intensifies and can be very severe. The right lower quadrant area will be painful to palpation, movement of the abdomen or even when you jump and land on your heels. By this time, most people will already go to the ER. Rupture of the appendix usually occcurs in the elderly although this is not absolute. Usually with a ruptured appendix, you will already have the above symptoms for more than a day or two. The pain will be so severe than suddenly subside or the pain will spread all throughout your abdomen and cause peritonitis.

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