Will methadone show up on an instant drug test?!

Question: I'm taking this drug test for employment. Will it show up as an opiate or does it need a specific test for it? Thanks for your replies.

Yes. If it was prescribed for you, take the prescription bottle with you so they can make note of it. If it wasn't prescribed for you, you're out of luck.
hell yes that's a drug
it will show up on the test most test cover all drugs now
opiate. even though its a mild one, it still is one, if you are taking it as perscribed it shoudlnt be a problem but if your just doing the street thing i sugguest you get off of ot three to four days before the test. you should test clean then.
It will show up as an opiate . . . some tox screens will specify it as Methadone. It's got a long half-life ... longer than most opiates. . . so you can't "wait it out" esp. if you are on methadone maint. programs.
yes, it will. ans they pretty much test for a lot of ways you can clean yourself out quickly. don't bother cleaning yourself out with a lot of water either. then your piss will come back diluted and you will fail, and they will make you take it again. good luck dude. been there back when I was on drugs
I believe it does show up as an opiate, since that's what it is essentially. You will have to disclose it to your potential employer BEFORE they send you in for the test. This will go along way to letting them know you're serious about working for them.

You're in a tough spot, good luck and be open with your employer about your issues.
i believe it shows up
Hell Yea!!!!
I always thought it was an opiate, as I know it is used to help someone that's addicted to herion with the pshycial withdrawls, so it might show up but i'm not sure. Why don't you be up front with your employer, (And i dont know what else methodone is used for other than rehab ) but if you are taking it because you are/were addicted to heroin, let him know, that way he/she will know you're trying to turn your life around, getting help, and that you are honest and up front about it.
Methadone does not show up as a regular opiate on a drug test. They have to do a seperate test for methadone, which some companys do. I'm assuming you are taking the medication *LEGALLY* in which case you would actually be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, so it would not be a legal reason NOT to hire someone.
It would not show up as opiate but it will show up as MTD (methadone ).
On the link below you can find lists of the compounds that are detected positive in urine by the One Step Drug Screen Tests

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