Will marijuana use cause permanent damage ?!

Question: Can marijuana use cause permanent damage to one's body and mind ?

-permanent brain damage ?

-permanent lung damage ?

-permanent psychological damage ?

Every time this question is asked most of the answers are absolutely clueless.

The biggest study of the health effects of marijuana to date was done by Kaiser Permanente. They surveyed the health records of 65,000 patients over a number of years. They found no significant differences between the health records of those who smoked pot versus those who didn't.

Every major government commission that has studied the subject has come to the same conclusion -- marijuana is not a significant threat to health even when it is used fairly heavily for a number of years.

You can find the full text of this research, as well as thousands of other documents at http://druglibrary.org/schaffer...
Yes you doofus so get off of it
No. Yes. No. In that order. The chemicals in marijuana are clean. What makes marijuana not good for you is that it has to be inhaled. So, of course, it's bad for your lungs. Especially since it's taken straight to the lungs when inhaled. I read one joint equals 10 cigs as far as tar and nicotine.
I don't remember.
it makes you loose short term memory too, which you have to be clean for 2 yrs to gain it all back
If you know math, then you know anything that subtracts leaves you with less. Recklessly killing off your own braincells (Real) is not going to give the best outcome. Lung damage (Real) does not repair as fast as scraping your knee, sometimes it does not repair at all especially if it is constantly being bombarded by more. Psychological damage (probable) with over thirty years of watching people in the same boat it is debate-able if it is damage or lack of caring about anyone or anything. Either way it does not show promise.
Long term Marijuana use can cause permanent damage.

Like any other mind altering drug, brain cells are compromised and killed. This can cause short term and/or long term memory loss. It can also cause a person to lose concentration and make them unable to stay "on task".

Breathing any chemical or smoke of any kind can cause lung tissue damage. Smoking cigarettes causes lung damage also, although I feel cigarettes cause more damage than marijuana.

As far as psychological damage? Again, marijuana is a mind altering drug and unless you are growing your own, you never know for sure if it has additives of different sorts. Some dealers will add acid, PCP or heroine to make sure you keep "coming back for more". Some people actually become very paranoid when they smoke pot. This may be from the "additives" or psychological/brain damage.

Also, to add to your list, smoking pot has the potential to alter sperm production and the quality of sperm a man produces. This can leave a man sterile or with the inability to produce "good" sperm making it impossible to father a child. The tragedy here is that even if a man were to be able to father a child, the qualities of the sperm may be altered as such that any off spring could have severe birth defects.

I hope this helps you.

PS... I am a cigarette smoker before I get yelled at for the above comments.
been smoking for35 yrs.raised a family,took care of business.have never had a health issue associated with it.now i sit back &puff,hope you have good experience also,good luck.dont do any booze or drugs though.........
Not as much as alcohol, but it can if you do it all day for many years. It does slow you down a little while you're doing it also.
Marihuana causes brain, lung, psychological, reproductive and much more damage to your body. Since it makes you lose neurons which function to process and transmit information you get permanent brain and psychological damage beacause these cells, unlike others, are not replaceable. It is obvious that if you have to smoke it, it will cause you lung damage. Also, if you are a man, you may have a series of problems with getting and erection. Many children that come from parents that have smoked marihuana suffer from attention disorders, hyperactivity, and many other complications. Just don't do it, if you have problems solve them like a mature person and stop trying to run away from them trough drugs. It doesn't make you cooler or more interesting, it only makes you retarded.
The marijuana that is sold here is tampered with. Yes that type can cause all types of issues. But for those people that have been using it since birth in other counties (tropical countries to be exact, and grow it in their backyard) no i don't think so.
Dont do it u noob!!

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