I dont have my dot (period) yet is that normal?!

Question: I dont have my dot (period) yet is that normal.?
Im 13 and all my friends had it do i have problems or sometingHealth Question & Answer

No, nothing wrong with you. You will get it eventually and the normal ages are 9-16. You have plenty of time but when you start to feel uncomfortable and wet in your underwear with lots od discharge that may sometimes seem brown or spotted red, you will be getting it very soon. You may also get cramps and feel a bit moody and have cravings for lots of sweet or salty foods (chocoalte, SODA) for example.

Don't worry, you will get your period too, you're not behind and there's nothing wrong with you either. I even have friends who didn't get it until the ages of 14-15.Health Question & Answer

I was almost 16 when I got mine first. There is really no such thing as a 'normal' time to get your period, yes they say there is an average but its all about how your body develops, how physically active you are and how well you treat your body. Just be patient and know that its not a thing that runs in the family either, my mum was 11 when she first got hers so there is no need to fret over anything.Health Question & Answer

personal experienceHealth Question & Answer

Dot.? A girl can start her periods anywhere between the ages of 9-16. The mean age is 12 years and 11 months. There is no way of knowing exactly when you will start. The fact you are 13 and haven't started is not a problem or cause for concern.Health Question & Answer

RNHealth Question & Answer

Dont worry you will get it. It such a hassle i dont see why you guys really want blood dripping form you for 3-5 days every month lol.Health Question & Answer

Yes it is normal i havent had mine for 6months and now i have it so ya its normal any more questions e-mail me at boohun@yahoo.com thanxHealth Question & Answer

I'm 14, and I don't have mine, at least I don't think so...Health Question & Answer

no! you're fine. i didn't get mine until i was 14. it will come soon enough :)Health Question & Answer

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