Does water make your first time hurt less? (yes i mean sex)?!

Question: Does water make your first time hurt less.? (yes i mean sex).?
No. It will wash away any natural lubricant your body produces.
Use KY or Astroglide, both can be found in the health & beauty section near the condoms.Health Question & Answer

NOOO!! it washes away all natural lubricant and it will make it MUCH worse..especially this being your first would hurt extremely badHealth Question & Answer

personal experienceHealth Question & Answer

What do you mean water.? Doing it in a pool, shower, or in a river.? I would recommend not doing it in water as there are parasites in water that can get into you while you're doing said acts.Health Question & Answer

try lube...hopefully your vigina will be wet. NATURAL LUBE. that should do the long as you take it slow

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Water will wash away your natural lubrication, which can be abrasive to the vagina. Water-based lubricants help.Health Question & Answer

eh, water is a solvent and can be abrasive. better off lubing with a water-based lube.Health Question & Answer

water makes thecondom break easier!

for it to hurt less.. have him go slow until you relax your muscles and relax into it!Health Question & Answer

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