I am way to scared to ask for a bra or crop top?!

Question: I am way to scared to ask for a bra or crop top.?
Hey, I am 12 and I am not flat chested! But I am way to scared to ask my mum for a bra or crop top!!! I have asked before and she has said no but now i really need one and I am way to scared now

Please help me
ThanksHealth Question & Answer

ok well jus go to the store randomly anf jus find one u like even if u no its too big but u like it say to her can i get this common i need one

she will probly say thts way too big say well can i get one tht is my size say i rlly think it is time ..

tht schould workkHealth Question & Answer

why do you need a crop top.?

and if you're boobs are big enough, she'll get you a bra. just ask. the worst she say do is say no again.Health Question & Answer

you can borrow your sister's bra or frankly discuss the matter with your mom.

it seems that at 12 you have a nice development out there.Health Question & Answer

just go mum i need a bra NOW if you dont ill take your money and get one myself and may treat myself to other things

Then she'll be the one scared :]Health Question & Answer

just buy one yourself! or make a list of reasons why you should get one and tell her that she can't really keep you a kid forever and that it's necessary! good luckHealth Question & Answer

Just be like
**** you

and buy your own.Health Question & Answer

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