What do i do if i miss a mycrogynon 30 pill?!

Question: What do i do if i miss a mycrogynon 30 pill.?
I missed my pill (mycrogynon 30), and i have 7 pills left in the pack... i continue them as normal, but after that do i miss 7 or do i start the next pack straight away... and will i still be protected.?Health Question & Answer

Finish the pack bar the last one and start your week off on the day you normally would. Dispose of the extra pill and take your week off as normal. You should use extra contraception for 7 days after the day you missed it!!Health Question & Answer

With the combined contraceptive Pill you can miss one tablet anywhere in the pack and still be protected. Just carry on as normal.Health Question & Answer

Registered NurseHealth Question & Answer

Make sure you use condoms for the next 7 days, I would just carry on onto the new pack with no 7 day break.Health Question & Answer

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