I just got my period and I have a question.?!

Question: I just got my period and I have a question..?
I'm 12 and in grade six. I just got my period about two days ago and i've started wearing pads and such. The problem is, i'm bleeding ALOT. i usually have to change pads like twice or three times a day. Is this normal.?.?
Thank you.Health Question & Answer

yes, chica, that is completely normal! Some women have even heavier periods where they have to change pads over 8-10 times a day (usually on the heaviest days of the cycle, and not always a good thing). Twice or three times a day is normal, actually, probably a little light.Health Question & Answer

heyy girl,
i started my period when i was 12 years old too. i have a heavy flow. it just depends on the person. don't worry, its normal.
on my heavy days, i would change my pads 2-3 times a day too.
i JUST started wearing tampons yesterday.
and its been over a year since i started my period.

but just remember to change your pad when it gets full because you dont want to get an infection.
hope this helps!
(:Health Question & Answer

Yes it is normal. One pad is not meant to last you the whole day.
However, if you are concerned, there are different pads for different 'flows', such as light, regular, heavy, or super.
If you think that your pads arent lasting as long as they should (about 5-6 hours) then you should ask your mom about buying pads for a heavier flow.Health Question & Answer

it's your first period, so it sounds normal. your next one could be lighter or about the same. as long as it doesn't last too long (like, two weeks or something) than it's fine ;)
try pads with Super absorbency.Health Question & Answer

Yes its normal.
It happens to me too.
I have to change 1-3 times a day.
One pad doesn't get through the whole day.
I started my period when i was 10 in fifth grade.=)Health Question & Answer

yes, that's perfectly normal! you're supposed to change it at least a few times a day!Health Question & Answer

of course thats normal.
people use up to 6 pads a dayy!!!!! lolHealth Question & Answer

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