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Question: Discharge question!!!!!!!!!$*)(@!$&*$)!(
Two things will make you wet "down there"... both are normal and healthy, they both have a scent, and they're *supposed* to happen.

1) Your genitals keep themselves clean and healthy by sort of "rinsing" themselves with the fluids that they make (this will happen constantly beginning in early puberty, 24/7 for the rest of your life, but you won't always notice it)... sometimes there's quite a bit of fluid and it can leak out a *lot*, so wearing panty liners or even light pads can be a good thing to help keep your clothes clean.

2) When your body is aroused sexually ("turned on" or "horny", even if you're not doing or thinking anything sexual) your genitals will get wetter and slipperier... sometimes very, *very* wet... so that a penis can slide in there comfortably if you have sex like it's telling you it wants (you don't have to, of course).

I'm a cook, so the only things I can really compare the healthy scent of a vagina/vulva to are foods and such... and the nearest I can think of is a fairly mild combination of fresh oysters and grated truffles (the savory mushrooms, not the sweet chocolates) - musky and usually more on the sea-like side, but not "fishy" and certainly not unpleasant.

It often smells stronger when you're sexually aroused or when you're sweaty after exercise or have spent most of a day in tight pants or clinging underwear, but not always... and it tastes much like it smells, but it's a little bit salty and less sweet than the scent suggests. (Don't be afraid to taste: it can give you info that your eyes and nose - even your *doctor* - can't provide you with, in addition to the fact that it's probable your boyfriend(s) and/or husband(s) are gonna do that anyhow if they have any brains... and it's sure not gonna hurt *them*.)

If this "discharge" is clear or slightly milky (might be tinted faintly yellow or brown), slippery to maybe a little sticky or stretchy, and smells "earthy, animal and a little like the ocean", it's almost certainly healthy and good. If it smells truly fishy or otherwise bad, especially if it itches or feels irritated, then it's probably an infection and you should see a doc.Health Question & Answer

Your body will discharge vagina stuff clear/creamy gooey stuff about 10 days before your period. This is normal.

It is normal to pee your pants if you have not gone the bathroom and you begin to laugh a lot.

Your cycle normally is 1-2 days light, 2-3 heavy, and then light again. Some months are bright red and others are dark red. This is all normal.

Soap and water is necessary to clean the bacteria from you private area every day. You should drink water and make sure you empty out your bladder and wipe until you are dry.

Your body can take care of itself.Health Question & Answer

Most women have it all the time. It has to do with your monthly cycle. Somedays will be worse than others. Things that affect it are, the foods you eat, your activity level, how hydrated you are, and your sexual activity. Its normal even if it is annoying. It not only cleans it but it protects the sensitive skin and also helps keep the bad stuff out. Hope i helped a little.Health Question & Answer

discharge is very normal. Watery, milky, kind of smelly, sometimes even small clups is normal. Even everyday but it will prob change with the foods you eat, before and after your period. The only time to worry is when it is different colors, or itches.Health Question & Answer

having discharges are normal, if your discharge has some other colors and smells and youy might have a infectionHealth Question & Answer

its ok it a good thing and it helps clean u out and u can get it daily don't worry about it as long as u wear a linerHealth Question & Answer

yessss this is normal dont worryHealth Question & Answer

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