Is it wierd to have uneven boobs?!

Question: Is it wierd to have uneven boobs.?
My left boob is like bigger than my right! i'm only 13 but i don't know if this is normal and will go away or if it's a problem. its like maybe 1/2 - 1 cup size Question & Answer

so is mine! my left boob is like yours! lol! here's how to think about it...
if u cut ur body in half(head to toe) everything is a different size!
ex:nostrilses, eyes, lungs, boobs, etc.Health Question & Answer

No. It's actually really common. Most people aren't perfectly even, even if they say they are. But on the plus side, no one can tell that you're uneven unless there's a huge difference- like A to C or something. If you're worried about it, buy a bra that fits your bigger side (of course), and then get some sort of lining/padding that is sold at bra stores/lingerie departments to even yourself out. Don't stick tissue paper in your bra, it won't look natural. Ask one of the ladies who works in the lingerie department to help you find what you need--that's what they're trained to do.Health Question & Answer

It's not necessarily normal... no... You should talk to your mom about it or another adult female you trust. Does your left boob itch a lot.? If it seems to consistently stay larger, itches a lot, and/or developes a rash you need to see a doctor. There is something called IBC that would need to be ruled out if you develope any of the symptoms I mentioned. But don't fret... it's probably nothing... but keep a eye on it. Don't ever just assume anything.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

Very normal. And if it doesn't even out when you are older,and you are self conscious, small breast implants can even it out.Health Question & Answer

Its perfectly normal. They'll even out as you get older. I was the same at your age and now at 18 they're pretty much even.Health Question & Answer

its natural its like haveing and uneven buttHealth Question & Answer

It isn't weird at all. No girl has perfect t!ts.
Mine are a little lop sided or something... like I can tell that one is higher up than the other.Health Question & Answer

nah, my gf sorta kinda not-really has some and theyre perfectly okay by me!
;)Health Question & Answer

of course its normalHealth Question & Answer

yes!Health Question & Answer

nopee. i'm the same way :]Health Question & Answer

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