Why in the world do i not care at all about this? (Pervertedness)?!

Question: Why in the world do i not care at all about this.? (Pervertedness).?
My guy friends, i don't care if they are perverted around me, i am too. And the other week my guy friend tryed throwing Bingo Chips down my shirt, (LOL! He couldn't get it down cause it wasn't an open shirt) And i didn't care, I was fine with it, i just would NEVER let them touch me any where id not like to be touched or go too far. I would be pissed, and trust me... you don't wanna see me pissed off. >:(

But im 13 years old, and all my guy friends are too.
they do respect me though, they wouldnt hurt me.Health Question & Answer

Guess what - you have a great attitude.

All sex is really 'bedroom play'. The part of your make up that enjoys sex is the little kid inside you that likes to play.

Dont get me wrong - sex is like playing with fire. It is warm, comforting, but it can do tremendous harm and damage.

Telling dirty jokes and innuendo with your guy pals is part of growing up. But be careful as guys will mis-interpete your laughter and joining in as your acceptance of more intimate attention. Dont fool yourself that you are some macho girl who can handle a guy - there are other social things that can be damaged if you are not careful. Set a limit on what you join in with.Health Question & Answer

Does it really matter.? I mean honestly, if you don't care, surely it doesn't matter in the slightest.?Health Question & Answer

theyre just being guys fooling around, you're starting to be curious about sex now - well guys are for sure!
i wouldnt care if they were my friends either!!Health Question & Answer

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