Is this a Gall Bladder Attack?!

Question: Is this a Gall Bladder Attack.?
Since I was in Grade 4 (I'm in grade 10 now) I have woken up during the night with severe pain, always lasting between 30min - 4-5 hrs. It always happens at nigh between 8pm and 8am. The pain is;
- pain in stomach/abdomen under breasts
- probably starts on right side, but pain is so great-feels like it's all over the stomach
- So painful- it's almost paralyzing- can't sit up
-difficulty breathing- have to take short-rapid breaths
-My back feels like it is squeezing together/
- Sometimes I might throw up- it's always bright yellow

Does anyone have any idea what it is.?Health Question & Answer

It couldn't be a gall bladder attack because you were getting it since grade 4, but I'm not a doctor or nurse. But still, my mother had gall bladder trouble and had hers out. It seems you have a heart problem is my guess. Could ask my brother, he's a retired physician but he doesn't always answer me. It also sounds like it's a case of bad nerves or something, but it's physical too. I mean the nerves affect the physical. Pray and pray. The Lord knows what it is and what you should do. He can also heal you. I Peter 2:24 ~ "and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness, for by His wounds you were healed." See also Isaiah 53:4-6, Proverbs 4:20-22, Ps. 107:20, Mal. 4:2, Mark 11:22-24. God bless you.


Jesus loves you and has a good plan for you.

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