Virgin, who was fingered .. help?!

Question: Virgin, who was fingered .. help.?
It was my first time getting fingered, He did not have long fingernails
although cutting me still is a possibility.
The next day there was a little blood when i went to the washroom
it was not period blood, and i'm not close to having my period.. it was much lighter
Another thing i noticed is that my pee smelled unusually weird..
This all happened after i was fingered...
What can be wrong.?
Is this normal.?Health Question & Answer

Hun, you're okay. He prolly irritated you a little bit down there, it's highly unlikely he broke your hymen. A hymen is NOT a wall of blood. It is a thin membrane that surrounds your opening--imagine a piece of plastic wrap with a hole in it. As you put things in it, that tissue stretches a little bit and sometimes tears slightly or bleeds. Nothing "pops" or is "broken".

However, you are still a virgin. Most societies define "virgin" as someone who has not engaged in intercourse.

Sexual activity can stir up bacteria and push it up the urethra, so if you feel burning afterwards, don't worry, just tell your mom that you think you have a Urinary tract infection (happens to everyone whether you have fooled around or not, so it's not a big GUESS WHAT I DID MOM sign).

Have fun, be safe.Health Question & Answer

Firstly, ignore those idiots who say you have AIDS or you're not a virgin. Unless you've have penetrative sexual intercourse, which fingering isnt, then you are definitely still a virgin. And I agree with most of the others, it sounds like your hymen was broken. As for the smelly pee, it may be a urinary tract infection in which case a simple course of antibiotics should clear it right up, but chances are it's just something you've eaten making it more potent than usual. Either way take a trip to your doctor just to be on the safe side.Health Question & Answer

He probably just broke your hymen and thats where the blood is coming from. But the smell could be something worse. Go to the doctor, just tell your mom or whoever takes you that your pee smells weird and go from there. You mostly likely wont have to say anything about being fingered.Health Question & Answer

You might have a uti or urinary tract infection. If you do or don't it's good to drink a lot of water and 100% no sugar added cranberry juice.
Symptoms of a uti are a burning sensation when you pee, blood in the urine, a funny smell, and cloudy urine.Health Question & Answer

you could have a UTI (urinary tract infection)
they happen when bacteria gets into your urinary tract, and blood in urine is one symptom, so is cloudy urine
go to a doctor b/c it can spread to your kidneys and be life threatening if you don't get antibioticsHealth Question & Answer

He probably broke your thin wall thing that all females have when they're born (I forgot what it's called). It's a thin wall of blood that when someone sticks their penis in or their finger went in too deep, they would break it.

It's natural I think.Health Question & Answer

umm, well he could have cut you... he could have broken your virginity.
no matter what he could have cut you though.
cause it takes alot to break a virginity.Health Question & Answer

Probably broke your hymen. As far as the smell - if it continues, gets worse, or you start itching then go to the doctor. If his hands weren't clean you may end up with an infection.Health Question & Answer

He probably broke your hymen a bit :)

The same happened to me, and i am a virgin too.

:)Health Question & Answer

He prolly broke your hymen, do it somemore times and it will eventually stop. :]Health Question & Answer

The boy broke your hymen. The pee smelling weird is probably an after effect from the fingering...Health Question & Answer

your not a virgin anymore you lost it to a finger!Health Question & Answer

the bloodHealth Question & Answer

Maybe your not a virgin anymore because you was bleeding so obvious;y he popped your no homo but its trueHealth Question & Answer

AWW, you don't have AIDS!

Its totally normal. He probably broke your cherry a little or fully.Health Question & Answer

he might have went to deep and broke your cherryHealth Question & Answer

You might have the aids.Health Question & Answer

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