Is wearing a bra to bed good?!

Question: Is wearing a bra to bed good.?
So im 11 an i have size 34b and my mom says its not good to wear a bra to bed, but i don't like the feeling of being bra less around my family and it also stunts ur boob growth so what do i do.?.?!!Health Question & Answer

Wearing a bra to bed is purely your choice with regard to your comfort. It will not hurt you or help you either way. It will not stunt your growth either; your breasts are genetically pre-determined to grow to a certain size (weight also has an impact).

If you feel more comfortable wearing a bra to bed, by all means, do it. I have a 32D and often wear a sports bra to bed for comfort. You definitely should wear one during the day, and when doing physical activity, to prevent sagging and stretching.

Best of luck to you.Health Question & Answer

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Wearing a bra to sleep has no effect on breast development. It *may* help keep your breasts from sagging later in life, but that has not been scientifically proven.

also, bras have NO EFFECT whatsoever on growth. Wearing one or not wearing one will not "stunt" your growth either way.Health Question & Answer

this is my theory...
wearing a bra to bed is not good because throughout the day u are in your bra and at night you should not wear it because it gives you boobs a chance to breathHealth Question & Answer

ugg i know how u feel! mine r 36b s and i found wearing a cami with a built in bra or a sports bra works for me. plus those wires hurt when ur sleeping!!Health Question & Answer

it doesn't matter, but it is more comfortable for me at least to take it off when sleepingHealth Question & Answer

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