Does anyone here have that phobia of leaving there home? If so why are you scar!

You are talking about Agoraphobia, which can occur with or without Panic Disorder. Panic Disorder causes you to experience panic attacks when you are exposed to certain stimuli - a panic attack is basically the "fight or flight" response, which is triggered in the most primitive part of your brain. Thus it is difficult to identify ONE cause for them (or, in some cases any cause).

The point of this is that Agoraphobia is not usually a conscious choice - it is a result of the panic reaction being activated outside of one's consciousness. Then, given that the situation is extremely uncomfortable, it is human nature to avoid it (the phobic reaction). It is possible to overcome the panic - to find and disarm the triggers - but this takes time and therapy (most usually), and sometimes medication.

Other Answers:
not me. i want to go places and have fun and live a good life while being young. are you scared of leaving your home?
I like going out, so i don't know. I am sometimes scared of staying inside and getting bored.
Yes, and being that the definition of a phobia is "an irrational fear", there is no reason why. I just feel that anxiety and don't want people to see me.


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