Why girls become prostitute?!

Some are so sexually unsatisfied that they find it necessary to engage as many clients as possible to satisfy the urge. It is a great way to make money in the oldest profession in the world. Some are recruited to make money for their pimps and some do it because they need an income. None of them hate the work. Sex is a good thing just ask Reverend Bakker and his wife Tammy. I am told that the Reverend has passed away so it will be hard to get him to admit anything.

Other Answers:
not all but is a lot of money involved
they have to find a way to get money.
The money. People will do crazy things for cash.
Parents force them into it.
Need money.
Like the freedom.
Like to be degraded.
Like the sex.
Sometimes their family, husband or boyfriend puts them on the street to make money for them. Sometimes they are runaways who desperately need money to survive and don't know any other way of making it. Sometimes they are living with an addiction and need to turn tricks to support it. Sometimes they are sexually abused and feel that is all they are fit to do. Sometimes they just like sex and easy money.
Because they have no life, they have no self esteem, they have no morals and they are losers with no education or motivation to get a real job.
I have a friend who got herself into prostitution she now has a police record and she degraded herself and her life and basically ruined her whole life. By making the mistake of becoming a prostitute.
Because they are stupid and have nothing else to do.Y?
People become involved in prostitution for many reasons.
Some are forced into it by adults or guardians, but some become prostitutes because they have never been taught the negative consequences such a life can bring. What they see of sex in the media is usually enticing and attractive.
Some become involved for the money often because they have drug dependencies to support.
Some become involved because they have a need for human contact which they do not get at home. Adults are often too self-involved to give attention to young people. One speaker I heard called it being "touch hungry".
I am guessing that it to make ends meet, maybe she has kids or needs rent money. Sometimes for drug habits, but always for a reason.
It all has to do with many factors, money, lack of education, forced, unemployment. I don't think there's a gal becoming a prostitute just because the sake of it.
It is a good and Honorable profession. It is our Society that has made it a crime.


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