Females- Do you take Probiotics?!

Question: I am considering getting probiotics? I was wondering if anyone else takes them and what their experience has been while on them?
I take probiotics. I use them for my IBS (stomach problems) and whenever I take antibiotics to prevent a yeast infection. There are no adverse effects, as these are naturally occuring substances located in your body (and in yogurt!) I'd check with your MD first.but I'm pretty sure they'd tell you the same :)

Other Answers:
if you are young and strong i wont advice you to take unless use products that had some or ask some professional
I used to. I even used to take a really expensive kind that is supposed to break down in your small intestine as stomach acid is supposd to be hostile to probiotics. I really didn't notice a difference in my health, but I agree that probiotics are good for you. It wouldn't hurt to give them a try, or at least increase your consumption of a good quality brand of yogurt.


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