cancer question?!

Question: This morning when i woke up i felt a little pain on my left testicule. so i decided to check and when i was checking i felt a little bump on it and it hurt a little. what do you guys think it is?
Dont think. You have to first visit the doctor and get it checked. I havent heard abt Testicle Cancer till now. It could be a case of fibrosis. But still its important that you get it cleared from a good doc.

Go to the doc dude..


Other Answers:
maybe its just a tick that bit you.
for self exam info go to:
If this happened quite suddenly, it may be an infection
or trauma. It could also be a cyst that may have ruptured and caused inflammation, and hence the pain. Testicular
tumors (or cancers) often presents as a hard painless mass in the testes. It would be best if you went to see a doctor.


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