what is the best remedy for very badly cracked heels..is there a reason for such!

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It's important to note that skin problems on our feet can be a sign of other health issues, and particularly people with diabetes, skin or circulation problems will want to discuss any foot care regimen with their doctor before using anything.

Other Answers:
Krack ointment..hehehe!
scrub the cracked area and apply a thick layer of petrolium jelly on the cracked area when going to the bed. hope this'll work.
I had the same problem I used crack cream, lotions for extra dry skin, foot cream, and lots of other things but I finally found something that really works. Vicks Sauve. Yes just rub it on then put on a pair of socks and it works in only a day or two at least it did for me. The bottoms of my feet would crack so bad in the winter time that they would bleed but not anymore. Hope it works for you too.


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