Should marijuana be legalized? why or why not?!

yes it should be cuz ppl are buying it anyways and getting away with it.if it were legalized the government will be able to make money off of it like cigarettes

Other Answers:
yes it should is no worse the alcohol, in fact better
No, do we really need any more idiots running around!
no because every one would be smoking it
Since cops just tend to look the other way anyway (I just took a Criminal Justice class taught by a cop in a major metropolitan area) why not? It would put the drug dealers out of business and give the governement one more thing to tax.
yes it should for health problem that is
no its been out for lots of decades
yes it should it is a lot better than all that other stuff out there and always helped me sleep alot better
Of course it should.
If they permit Christianity which definitely causes brain damage they should legalise pot
hell yea it doesnt kill anyone does it?? cigarrets kill millions of ppl marijuana kills 0
Most definitely for so many reasons I don't have enough time to go into.
Marijuana should be legalized because there are many benefits that most people don't know about. Marijuana should only be used by people who are 18 and older.
yes cuz ppl use it for wrong reasons
yes because then it can be regulated.i have never heard anyone becoming violent or abusive after having a joint as opposed to alcohol.they are find there are more and more benefits from it than first though.
they could tax it and make a fortune. the courts wouldn't be full of defendants in victimless crimes, they could then start deporting illegal aliens.


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