What is a good way to gain wieght?!

Protein powder. "Protein Plus" is a good one.
Go to a health store and talk to them - they're pros!

Other Answers:
protein drinks. eat a lot. eat junk food. never trim the fat from steaks, thats the best part.
eat right before you go to sleep
The simplest way is to actually eat a meal and eat a little more as usual.Do not eat oily food as you would not gain weight, you would become overweight!
Eat this for dinner for dinner every night.

Take Nacho chips and pour on pre-heated refried beans, then douse them with lots of shredded Cheese (add sliced jalapenos if you wish) heat this up in Oven or Microwave, then douse with gobs of Sour Cream and gorge yourself.
It really works! I went up 3 sizes and got a double chin!
Personal Experience
Sound sleep, heavy food items mainly oily items, not doing a bit of work will help u gain as much as 50 kgs in just a month.


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