how can i shrink breast and uterine fibroids naturally?!

Cut back on your caffeine. My mom suffered from this (breast) and cut her intake in half. They were almost completely gone in one month. She was shocked!

Other Answers:
The natural cure for fibroids is iodine. You will need to search the web to get a supplement, since drug dealers using for their own purposes have driven it out of the local stores. The Japanese intake of iodine is about 100 times our RDA and they have virtually no breast or uterine fibroids or cancer. The reason we have to supplement our salt with iodine is that our soil was depleted with the last Ice Age and we don't get any iodine in the foods we eat.

Iodine can also be absorbed through the skin, if you can find topical iodine (not povidone iodine - as it's been combined with an element that doesn't hurt, but also is hard to break down in order to be used by the body). I get topical potassium-iodine through a veterinary supply outfit. I apply it right to my breasts - it does not hurt at all, or cause any kind of skin burn there (it can and does on some other parts of my body, especially if I have an open wound).


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