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Question: i have been interested in taking up yoga, do you think it's necessary to join a class & have a professional show me the ropes or can i just get myself a 'do it youself' book
I think it is absolutely necessary for you to learn from a good yoga teacher for the following reasons:
1. A small difference in posture (e.g. thigh turning in or out) can make a big difference in impact
2. It is hard for yourself to see how you are doing a certain posture
3. A good yoga teacher will guide you not only physically but, eventually, also spiritually

The above is all experienced first hand.

Other Answers:
you can do it yourself from the problem with that.
BUt of course,proffesional help would be best option beacuse:
i)You won't have doubt on what you would be doing
ii)You would be doing yoga in a regular and organized way
I would be careful about taking up yoga. It isn't just a way to increase flexibility.


One of the central Hinduism beliefs is the doctrine of reincarnation, which has many implications to society. Charity to those less fortunate is unheard of. If a person does evil in this life, he will be reincarnated into a lower social caste in the next life. Therefore, those in a lesser social or economic position deserve to be there to make amends for the sins of a previous incarnation.

They believe that God is not separate from his creation. They are one and the same. There is no evil. All is good since all is God.

Life is an endless cycle of reincarnations until a person is able to escape it and merge into Nirvana, nothingness.

To break this endless cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation, it is necessary for a person to do charity and meditate to reach a higher consciousness.

The practice of yoga in its various forms is considered very important to reach this goal.

The devotees in the strict yoga groups are forbidden to eat meat, eggs, and fish. They are forbidden any forms of intoxication; no alcohol or drugs. No sex outside of marriage is allowed. And, within marriage, it is only to produce children. Neither is gambling allowed.
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well i have done some yoga classes wid my parents who had taken a tutor and this really helps with a book u can also get confused and if u learn from a professional it great.


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