what are the side effects off wellbutrin that some have experienced?!

Okay, this may be a GOOD side effect . it helped me quit smoking . On the down side . it made me shakey and irritable . and no, that wasn't JUST from quitting cigarettes .

Other Answers:
I took it once to cut the desire to smoke and became hysterically depressed. Non-stop crying. I tossed the rest.
i took welbutrin for 2 years. the only side effect that i had was when i started taking it i tended to get woozy (medical term). i cut down my dose to half, without telling my doctor and then that went away. i was taking it in conjunction with adderall, which i still take, but according to my doc, it shouldnt have been an issue in my dizziness
mania. it was nasty.
I took it for a short while about 8 years ago when I was going through a divorce. It caused me to act in ways I never have - I actually threw papers across the room in a consultation with my lawyer. Once I was off it, I was able to get back in control and deal with things. But it made me feel like somebody else, someone I did not want to be.


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