Hi,i'm 47 years old and i am overweight .The cause is stress.How can i loose wei!

Stress can be a killer. It causes you to not want to exercize and to want to eat the wrong foods. Walking even for just 15 minutes sometime during the day is a great stress reliever.
Regarding the weight loss, I think that determination is the key. Eating right, regular exercize and enough sleep.

P.S. You don't need Herbalife pills. I can't believe that Yahoo rules will permit answers intended to solicit business.

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you can just start to exerses and eat healthy, thats what i did and in pants size i went to a 14 to a size 6
If your overeating to deal with your stress you have to train yourself to think another way. If you like to dance do that instead of eating when you stressed. It will boost your metabolism and you spirits.
I can help you with that. My name is Annie. I am an Herbalife Independent Distributor. Please feel free to visit my website @ http://herbal-nutrition.net/agoffard. I will be your personal nutritional coach to help you take off the weight you need to. It worked for me to lose the weight I needed to and it is a safe and all-natural approach to losing weight as compared to some other choices out there.
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Exercise and the dicipline to carry it thru. Get a friend and start off easy. No impact stuff at first and concentrate on the trunk, the legs and arms will follow. In particular the back stomach and groin areas need to be strengthened first. I think you will find that any diet, short of starvation, will work. This is what I've found that works. It can't be diet alone. I just turned 64, it helped that I played football and was in the Marines.
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