what do girls think about?!

Question: what do girls think about guys that are circumzied is it better or does it matter
I think it is better.but it really shouldn't matter unless the guy can't keep up with the extra hygiene.then it would be another story.

Other Answers:
I think it's much better, not to mention more hygenic!
every each to there own...they all look the same when they stand up...
I think that its better because other than that it looks nasty and plus its more clean (i hope).
Well i cant answer for all girls , but for me it dosnt really matter so long as the guy who has not been cut keeps himself clean, strike that, lol both types should be clean! But uncut men have a bit more hygine to consider.. so personally either way just keep it clean
So long as ya wash, it doesn't matter - I would have thought it would matter more to you cos isn't it more sensitive?
your talking about a woody with a hoody. i happen to know a good friend of mine who doesn't have his circusized. see, another friend happened to walk in on him while he was cleaning it with a q-tip. he said it was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. the image burned into his mind's eye for all eternity. :) the guy that got busted, however, didn't notice he had been seen. so we made fun of him to his face about it for weeks before he finally figured out what the h-e-ll we were talking about. but, the point i'm getting at, is that i hear it takes a lot of maintenance. so if your isn't done, maybe you could think about getting it done. i'm sure it would be painful, but doctors know what they are doing. and pain goes away.


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