are home hair color kits safe and if so, what is a good brand?!

Yes, they're as safe as a professional dye, though not as effective. Professional dyes will give you a longer lasting color but if you're going to be redying each month (or at least touching up your roots) then it's a lot cheaper to go with the box dyes, and you get the same effect. Professional jobs can go from $30 up depending where you go, boxes average under $10.

Your base hair color effects how well the dye will work. You can normally see the chart on the side of the box. If you're blonde or red, then any of the dyes will work fine on your hair. For darker hair it's touch-and-go. Box blondes never work. Most of the reds do decent if you've never died your hair before, otherwise you might want to have it professionally lightened then do the box colors you want.

Texture, length, and thickness of your hair will also effect how the dye works.

My favorite brand is the Clairol Herbal Essences. They've been working pretty decent going from medium brown to deep red. I can't remember off the top of my head which other brands I've tried, but I know Clairol works.

If you're going for any of the funner colors (blue, green, purple) just go have it professionally done. I've never had any of the home hair color kits for those colors last more than a week. (I've had one wash right out as soon as I put it on.) Most professionals won't baulk at doing a strange color, and you'll get a stronger, longer lasting color that way.

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get it professionally done, i never got a good dye from a little box
It depends on what your wanting to do. If you have blonde or light brown hair and want to go lighter that ok. But if you have dark hair and want to go blonde that would be a job for the professionals. Pretty much going one to two shades lighter is safe but have a buddy help you and apply from the ends of your hair fist because if you start with the roots because they absorb quicker you may end up with a ring around your head. I reccomend Nice n easy or really anything clairol.
personal experience
Yes hair color kits are safe. If you have a sally's or and armstrong McCall they provide with kits and color and good brand is SoColor they use it in the salons and in Sall'y just use the Loreal they also work great.
Yes they are safe. Feria is a really good brand if you have thick or long hair. My hair is thick and down to my butt and I always have more than enough. They have a great selection for color and highlighting.


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