what is the normal size and color your stool should be?!

I like my stool to match all the other furniture in the room.

Oh wait, you're talking about THAT stool. I think it depends on what you eat. You may want to give more information about the size and color of your stool and others can let you know if it sounds normal.

Good luck.

Other Answers:
Oh that is just gross. You shouldn't be askin that on Answers, ask your doc!!!
a regular stool *standing stool is 8 inches to 18 inches. a sitting stool is maybe 48 inches and their both oak, or dark brown

hahaha, u'r talking about the OTHER stool then ask a doc
Its been my expierence, that it should be brown, about six to eight inches long, and tatste faintly of peanuts.

Hope that helps, moron!!
you haven't been eating laundry detergent again, have you?
heheheh thats the most original question ive heard so far! it depends on what u eat :P
you should ask ur doc! if he said its not normal you can have an infecctio or something
Make sure it is tall enough. When you are sitting at the bar it should be tall enough so when you are sitting on it you can lean on the bar. Color? Tan would match everthing.


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