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Question: Can some latin girls help me out here? how do yall have big legs, bigg butt, and a small stomach? cuz dats what i want and right now im okk but i jus wanna body like dat.. i have always.. but like what do yall eat and what ecersises do you do? if any.. well thank you
First you have to start to being comfortable about the way you look. You can start going to the gym. Start out slow like 15 to 20 minutes a day then work your way up to 30 to 40 minutes a day. Drink lots of water instead of soda. I have also learned that exercising will put you in a better mood. Here is a exercise you can do at home. You need 5 pound weights if you don't have these weights you can try two bottles of waters they weigh about the same. Take the water bottles up to your head and bends your legs like you are squatting. This helps your thighs arms, and lower areas. Hope this helps good luck

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Men are dominant, and we take more than our share..

I'm sorry. That's who we are.
haha im a guy but damn they have nice bodies and some are just born with a hot body like that. Some dont work out and some do, they probly do sit-ups, running, little stuff like that. They dont eat much food with fat in it and some do n they still dont get fat. Thats wat i think.
You can do some butt enhancers like squating. I squat for at least 1 minute per day, and it gives my butt a lift.
Unfortunatly, they are right. Latin girls tend to be more bottom heavy. My measuremnets in high school were 36-24-40! and I didn't even try!
Rice N beans and sit-ups


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