Does EMDR really work?!

Question: What is it like?
What is it good for?
How do you find a good practitioner?
Can you do it on yourself?
I have anxiety and it works for me. Usually there is no single method to cure anxiety or other related disorders, but EMDR can be useful.

Apparently, the rapid eye movement turns off the negative chemicals in your brain, and it reduces anxiety. EMDR has gotten me through several situations where I was feeling very anxious.

Yes, you can do it on yourself, with just a bit of practice. Try getting a book on relaxation techniques or stress control - they should have the details. I learned EMDR myself from a book, and it wasn't hard.

Other Answers:
EMDR has some proponents and others who do not think it works.
pick up some good books at the library and see what you think of it.
then try to find a specialist; preferably a psychologist or psychiatrist.


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